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VENT Liquid

  • Effectively removes oils and greases 
  • Certified in accordance with VDI Guidelines 
  • VOC-reduced

VENT Liquid is a label-free cleaner for the removal of contaminations from kitchen exhaust air ducts and ventilation systems. The Liquid has been especially developed for use in the VENT spray system. The enzymes contained dissolve contaminations such as oils, greases, and soot, splitting them up into fluid degradation products. These are easy to remove from the duct system via grease drain gutters and drain cocks.

The enzymes used are fully biodegradable. As biocatalysts they are highly effective, will not become depleted, and, from an environmental protection point of view, save a multitude of detergent substances such as surfactants, solvents, and chelating agents. The service lives of motors, heat exchangers, and ducts will be extended may times over. The VENT Liquid uses the exhaust heat of the duct and does not require any additional thermal energy. 

Field of use

  • For use in the VENT spray system
  • For the removal of contaminations, such as greases and oils, from kitchen exhaust air duct systems 


20 L jerrican (Order no. A02081)


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