Sustainability & Environmental Protection

bio-chem CLEANTEC is committed to replacing environmentally harmful cleaning products with biodegradable cleaning agents. In doing this we not only protect the environment but also the employees. In cooperation with a development lab we are working on reducing solvents. Our products do not require labelling under the current CLP Regulation and are also VOC-free or VOC-reduced. 

The absorption capacity of the Earth for hazardous substances is limited, which is why we decided to develop alternative solutions to noxious cleaning methods. Our green way of thinking has already proven itself for several years now. We have already managed to replace plenty of solvent-based cleaners with our solvent-free or solvent-reduced products. 

Employee health is a priority for us. Our system solutions make a significant contribution to hazard prevention and provide the basis for a safe workplace. Our VENT system in particular minimizes the fire hazard and saves resources by extending the service life of the cleaning fluid. The cleaners are energy-efficient and effective, and they already work at ambient temperature! 

Since 2002, we have been recording our corporate environmental protection strategy in an environmental management system. This enables us to document progress and to initiate targeted improvement measures. The following points are of particular importance to us: 

  • We inform our staff in detail about environmental aspects and motivate them within the scope of their activities, promoting autonomous environmentally conscious behaviour. 
  • We aim to generate as little waste as possible. This also includes the use of refillable systems. 
  • We make sure that our suppliers and service providers comply with our environmental targets. 
  • We inform our customers about the safety-related and environmentally relevant characteristics of our products and support them regarding product application and handling. 

We also pay special attention to our service and customer consulting. We offer not only very short delivery times but also intensive customer care provided by our trained team on site. 

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