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VENT L Booster

  • Effectively removes extremely persistent carbonizations 
  • Gentle on the material thanks to enzymatic splitting up of the contaminations 
  • VOC-reduced

The VOC-reduced VENT L Booster cleaning fluid effectively removes extremely persistent organic contaminations from kitchen exhaust air ducts. Enzymes are used for the cleaning on bio-chemical basis. These enzymes effectively degrade grease carbonizations and contaminations such as soot, resins, and waxes, turning them into fluid degradation products by means of biological micro-splitting. These degradation products are easy to remove from the duct system via grease drain cocks. The duct is cleaned effectively and newly dissolved residues are prevented from adhering.

Enzymatic cleaning does not affect the material and extends the service lives of filters, motors, and heat exchangers, minimizing investment- and service costs. The label-free cleaner provides sustainable employee- and environmental protection. 

Field of use

  • For use in the VENT spray system
  • For the removal of extremely persistent contaminations and carbonizations from kitchen exhaust air duct systems 


20 L jerrican (Order no. A02081-01)


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