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    Are the Liquids flammable?

    No, they aren’t. Our Liquids are VOC-free or VOC-reduced and water-based, which means they are neither combustible nor flammable. 

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    How do you benefit from the VENT cleaning system?

    The VENT cleaning system 

    • helps you comply with the VDI guidelines 
    • minimizes the fire hazard 
    • protects form hazardous and malodorous grease deposits 
    • reduces maintenance costs; the replacement of parts that otherwise can’t be cleaned any more, such as motors, cleaning valves and heat exchangers, will be minimized
    • the odour-absorbent component in the VENT L Plus encloses grease odours 
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    How much Liquid do I use?

    The VENT system operates very economically. The targeted installation of the nozzles in the exhaust duct prevents excessive Liquid consumption. 

    The actual Liquid consumption, though, is also influenced by other factors, such as the length and type of the exhaust ducts and the intensity of the contamination. 

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    Purchase or usage?

    We provide both the purchase- and the usage version. The usage version offers you an “All-in Package” complete with professional installation, comprehensive service & highest product quality. We will automatically send you some new liquid if the jerrican level is getting low. This means you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

    If you want to buy our system, we offer you a comprehensive Starter Kit consisting of the system itself, accessories, and 2x20 L of Liquid. It will be mounted by our qualified technical staff. 

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    What are the advantages of the VENT cleaning system over conventional cleaning methods?

    The VENT cleaning system operates and functions 24 hours a day. Kitchen operations are not impaired. The stainless-steel housing of the system blends in with the look of the kitchen as a whole. 

    Conventional cleaning methods with high pressure or dry ice only provide short-lived solutions. The cleaning process needs to be repeated after some time because the contaminations start depositing in the duct again. While the ducts are being cleaned, kitchen operations have to be suspended. This means that downtimes are unavoidable. 

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    What is the VENT cleaning system?

    VENT is a permanent cleaning system for kitchen exhaust duct- and ventilation systems. The perfect interplay of the VENT spray system and the VENT Liquids facilitates the dissolution of contaminations such as oils, greases, resins and waxes form exhaust ducts. The permanent addition of cleaning liquid prevents new grease contaminations. 

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    What part does the VENT cleaning system play in heat recovery?

    The components of the heat recovery system are prevented from sticking together over the long term. Hence, heat recovery efficiency is just as high as with newly installed components. Moreover, the motors work longer and more efficiently, thus saving even more energy. 

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    Which guidelines should a kitchen comply with, and how does the VENT system support me in this?

    In Germany, there are standards and guidelines for the operation of commercial kitchens. These are laid down, i.a., in the VDI Guidelines (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure/Association of German Engineers). The VENT cleaning system helps you fulfil these guidelines and standards. The VENT Liquid is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, so it can be used safely in food-related areas. The operating principle of the products has been scientifically tested and proven. Dermatological studies are also evidence of the positive results regarding skin compatibility.

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