A clean solution.

Be it in the hotel- and catering business or in the food industry: VENT cleans your exhaust air ducts permanently on a biological basis. A special combination of device and label-free liquid removes contaminations such as oils and greases from the kitchen exhaust air ducts. In addition, any fire hazard is reduced to a minimum! 


How exactly does the cleaning process work? 

  • Schritt 1: Biochemische Reduktion

    Der Reiniger wird sehr fein in den Abluftkanal eingesprüht. Die Flüssigkeit verteilt sich im Abluftkanal. Diese Verteilung wird durch den Luftstrom der Absaugung unterstützt. Die enthaltenen Enzyme spalten die Fette in Glyzerin und Fettsäuren auf. Die Verschmutzungen werden weich.

  • Schritt 2: Solvatisierung

    Die gespalteten Fette lösen sich von den Kanalwänden und fließen in die Fettauffangrinnen. Durch Fettablasshähne lassen sich nun die gelösten Verschmutzungen entnehmen. Die Fettablasshähne erleichtern das Abfließen bei längeren Kanalabschnitten.

Let your kitchen breathe. Anytime. The exhaust air ducts have to be cleaned at regular prescribed service and cleaning intervals. Manual cleaning methods only minimize the fire hazard while cleaning lasts. As soon as the first new thin grease layers start forming, the fire hazard is present again. That’s where the VENT spray system provides effective fire protection. 


With its unobtrusive stainless-steel housing, the system is durably integrated in your kitchen and will ceaselessly spray the cleaner into the exhaust air system. Thanks to its unique special cleaning formula, new or cleaned exhaust air ducts, filter systems, and fans will remain grease-free. This way, maintenance costs are reduced, and motors and cleaning valves do not need continuous replacements. 

Huge benefit with little effort

VENT works with enzymes that continuously clean the ventilation system. Fine vaporizing nozzles that are built into the duct system constantly spray the cleaning agent into the exhaust air duct. The exhaust air will circulate the VENT Liquid uniformly in your duct system. The enzymatic active principle will then dissolve contaminations such as oils, greases, resins, waxes, and soot, splitting them up into fluid degradation products. These are easy to remove from the system via grease drain gutters and drain cocks. Your exhaust air duct will stay clean for a long time. Discover the cleaners that perfectly fit to the VENT system. 

No complex installation works!

Our well trained and qualified expert staff will mount the system in an inconspicuous place in your kitchen and will position the spray nozzles appropriately in your duct. Perfectly tuned spray intervals will then distribute the Liquid directly from the jerrican into the duct. As the fluid is economical in use, the jerrican does not require frequent exchange. 

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Fire protection


The fire hazard in kitchen exhaust air ducts is developing into an ever-bigger problem in kitchens. Adherent greases and contaminations may self-ignite easily, causing a kitchen fire. 
The VENT Liquids offer you fire hazard minimization!

The grease deposits are dissolved by the Liquid, split up and removed. The fluid degradation products are then easy to remove from the system. Lab tests confirm that, after treatment with the VENT Liquid, the degradation products of conventional greases are not flammable any more.

The VENT spray system offers the benefit of permanent cleaning. 

VDI Guidelines


A VDI Guideline is issued by the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers). It is a directive and working basis that serves safety when handling the technology. Complying with certain guidelines is recommended and sometimes even imposed by law. 

The VENT system and the VENT cleaners help you implement and are certified in accordance with the following guidelines: 

VDI 2052
Air conditioning; kitchens - cleaning of air ducts (VDI Ventilation Code of Practice)

VDI 2055 
Thermal insulation of heated and refrigerated operational installations in the industry and in the building services

VDI 6022
Ventilation and indoor air quality