Let your kitchen breathe. Anytime.

VENT is a system consisting of a device and a cleaner that permanently cleans your exhaust air duct on a biological basis. Through fine vaporizing nozzles that are built into the duct the liquid continuously dissolves contaminations such as oils and greases. This way, the fire hazard is reduced to a minimum, and your exhaust air duct will stay clean for a long time. 

Cleaning fluids for the VENT system

The VENT Liquids have been especially developed for use in the VENT spray system. They dissolve the contaminations and prevent the dissolved residues in the kitchen exhaust air duct system from adhering again. The cleaning fluids are VOC-free and VOC-reduced, which means they protect the employees and the environment.

Huge benefit with little effort

  • NSF certified 
  • Grease fire hazard minimization 
  • Permanent cleaning of the exhaust air system
  • No downtimes in your kitchen operation
  • Minimal effort due to one-off installation of the system
  • Longer service lives for filters and motors
  • “All-in Package!” professional installation, comprehensive service & excellent product quality
  • No labelling required under the CLP Regulation
  • Certification in accordance with VDI
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Compact design