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  • VOC-free
  • Effective odour absorber, binds odours 
  • Continuously removes oils and greases 
  • Protects components from corrosion 


VENT L Plus is a VOC-free liquid for cleaning kitchen exhaust air ducts and ventilation systems, and for binding unpleasant grease odours. This product features an effective odour absorber that binds unpleasant smells, thus making a significant contribution to fulfilling the requirements of VDI Guideline 6022.

The enzymes contained in the cleaning fluid liquefy the contaminations, splitting them up into glycerine and free fatty acids that can then be removed via a drain cock. The odour-absorbing component encases and degrades the odour molecules. The label-free liquid protects the duct, preventing contaminations such as oils, greases, waxes and soot from adhering again. During and after cleaning, the single components are protected from corrosion by means of inhibitors contained in the cleaning fluid, so that the parts will stay in use for a longer time and service lives are extended. 

Field of use

  • For use in the VENT spray system
  • For the removal of contaminations, such as greases and oils, from kitchen exhaust air duct systems 
  • Binds unpleasant smells and serves as an effective odour absorber 


20 L jerrican (Order no. A02081-02)


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